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Jason Swan's review of Agnetha's album A is brilliant,
probably the best I've read. He has analysed the songs
intelligently and looked into the history of the album's
contributors. A treat to read, after so many comments on fan
forums complaining about the lyrics that they don't understand,
the release strategy, the text in the CD booklet, etc.

Bravo Jason, and thank you

Ian Cole - Australia
5 July 2013, 16:00:22

Dear Helga,
Thanks very much for the speedy dispatch of the box set of
Agnetha's first five albums.
I am enjoying listening to the recordings very much.
It was a lovely surprise to find an issue of the fanclub
magazine enclosed in my parcel. I have really enjoyed all of
the information and pictures included in the edition. A real
treat! :)
Thanks once again. Kindest regards

Neil McDonnell - England, United Kingdom
30 June 2013, 22:53:39

Dear Helga & Anita, I was just watching the Agnetha BBC
documentary "A" and when "The one who loves you know" was played
I realised how special it was to have been in that same studio as
where Agnetha recorded some of her new songs. So maybe a bit
late, but a very sincere THANK YOU for making this possible for
us fans! It was a once in a lifetime opertunety and we had a
great time!

Bonny - Nederland
21 June 2013, 21:07:25

es ist eine seite von Euch. mein kompliment
cherry - germany
19 June 2013, 21:16:50

I'm thrilled with the return of our beloved Agnetha,
was born in 68, but I was always in love with ABBA.
I'm already with cd Agnetha. '' A'', I'm in love and
very happy, I hope that it continues to reward us
with her ​​beautiful voice and sweet look :). Agnetha,
love you.

Rosele Marry Arantes witt - Brasil
18 June 2013, 20:27:18

Hello everyone on the ABBA Team,
I have been a happy FAN throughout the years listening to the
fine music you have given this world,along with our talents, the
world could not have been a better place without people like
you. I am truly gratefull that I see that in my life today, as
music is so Precious to life itself. I am Pleased with your
commitment to that, anyway, I want to say THANK YOU.

Donald Hurley - USA
6 June 2013, 07:26:55

Thank you for my prize "When You Really Loved Someone" Promo CD Single, received today!
David - Ireland
23 May 2013, 20:12:00

The A.F Picture Disk is so nice..,
Best wishes !
Have a nice summer!

Wolfgang E. - Germany
22 May 2013, 15:39:40

Dear Helga, Anita, Ursula and all the others at the Fanclub!
I would like to thank all of you very much for the great time we
had in Stockholm in the beginning of May! Thank you especially
for the possibility to see the Museum first and to visit the
Atlantis Studio. This was very special to me!
And of course the Walk on Djurgarden ... we had a lot of fun by
searching the right tree ...! :-)
See you all again in Roosendaal next year!
Kind regards,

Ilka Geerkens - Germany
17 May 2013, 16:31:21

1000 Thank you´s to the fanclub who made another unforgettable
event in Stockholm for the preview of the ABBA Museum ! It was so
great !
Loved the preview day,loved the Metronome Studios,loved the ABBA
It is so special to be a member of this fanclub and we get
treated with so many special happenings from ABBA.I really
treasure all of your work.
Big hugs

Frank - Germany
7 May 2013, 10:53:25

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