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Thank you so much for mag #120. Highlight for me was the
interview with Ludvig and the fanstories of the ABBA 79 tour.
Unfortunately I can't see the many pictures but my mam loves them
very much. I can't wait to hear the live album and I'm looking
forward to mag 121.

Amy Pikaar - the Netherlands
17 September 2014, 14:30:57

Hi, let me say thank you for the latest fanclub magazine. I
love it! Starting with the very cute cover shot of A&F, to the
very interesting Ludvig Andersson article, to the fantastic
poster with an unseen live 79 shot, then the forum reads from
fans with ABBA concert experiences moves me so much, the the
ABBA MARATHON was a fantastic crazy read and I never read this
elsewhere before, love the ABBA bags memorabilia from Bonny and
finally the absolute HIGHLIGHT from this issue: the rare and
(at least for me) unseen shot of Agnetha in the Photo Corner,
wow !!! How I would love to see this performance in moving
pictures! Great issue, great work, thank you! Love from

Frank - Germany
17 September 2014, 10:00:51

r.i.p. Rune Söderqvist My thoughts are with his family and

Amy Pikaar - the Netherlands
2 September 2014, 10:09:04

Hello gang, Just wanted to say what an amazing job you're doing
in keeping the legacy of the greatest musical group of all-time.
I love you very much for it.

Roger Mazerolle - Canada
2 September 2014, 01:19:34

Hello der Fanclub! You Are The best Abba Fanclub!
Сергей - Челябинск
30 August 2014, 09:17:34

It has been available for quite some time, but
recently I bought item CC106 the Singles Collection
Box with 27 CD Singles. It is a lovely item, it was
50 Euros well spent.

John Henderson - Australia
10 June 2014, 14:48:07

So happy to now be a member of this fan club. Received my
membership card and first magazine yesterday. Have read one
quarter of the magazine so far and absolutely love it.

Grant Robinson - United Kingdom
13 May 2014, 13:03:09

Today in the mail the Abba single box
it was as always a good transaction.
Thank you very much .

chris - nederland
2 May 2014, 14:44:34

Thank you for the parcel, it had just been getting. Everything in perfect condition.
Thank you for the postcard of Frida. Really a great drawing.

Madeleine Baehler - Switzerland
11 April 2014, 11:44:03

Thank you so much for another wonderful fanclub weekend in
Roosendaal !!!!
It was so great to meet people like Ingmarie Halling (such a nice
person !) and Carl Magnus Palm (another treasure in person !
I was thrilled by the fanclub cd present which I had not
expected.Thank you !
Keep up the great work for the fanclub,I really treasure it.
Love from

Frank - Germany
31 March 2014, 08:44:19

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