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Just come home after watching the Broadway stage show of
Mamma Mia in Calgary, a bit different from the London show in
1999, but a fantastic show. The audience loved it, and were
dancing in the aisles!

Caroline Williston - Canada
7 November 2016, 03:52:02

Hi, I am Abba Crazy, I have just attended my 206th Abba tribute band show. I travel all over Australia just to for-fill my love and Passion for Abba. One of the Abba tribute Bands in Victoria Australia, l have seen 121 times. I have Abba tattoo's on my arms and leg. I have my own little Abba room. I love Abba so much. I love being a member of the International Abba fan club. Abba rules my world.
Patricia England - AU
1 November 2016, 11:44:57

Great website and easy to manage, well done and thank you for
keeping the Fan Club going.

Anna Scerri - Malta
22 October 2016, 15:21:12

This site is amazing. ABBA is the greatest band of all time. They inspire me so much. I love all 4 beautiful members. Benny is my big time role model.
shane - USA
22 September 2016, 20:25:39

Congratulations on your new website. It looks very good:-).
Thanks for all your great work about the ABBA weekend, the shop etc.

Susanne Skjold Petersen - Denmark
12 July 2016, 11:39:20

I like the new design, looks great!
Henk Bosma - Netherlands
27 June 2016, 10:36:19

I like the design of the new website but it was easier to navigate on the old one.
Fan Club: Perhaps the page under the "Sitemap" button might work better for you.

Agneta - Sweden
26 June 2016, 17:40:38

Hoi Helga and Anita,congratulations with your new website.It looks marvelous.
Chris van Dijk - Nederland
25 June 2016, 17:59:02

Dear Anita and Helga
Fabulous new website - congratulations.
I look forward to many visits to the site.

Greg McDonald - Bahrain
25 June 2016, 07:43:24

Congratulations on your new website: It looks great! A big
thumbs up for Reinaud! Have a good weekend, Onno.

Onno Conde Nieto - Nederland
25 June 2016, 07:14:49

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