Guest book

Congratulations on your new website. It looks very good:-).
Thanks for all your great work about the ABBA weekend, the shop etc.

Susanne Skjold Petersen - Denmark
12 July 2016, 11:39:20

I like the new design, looks great!
Henk Bosma - Netherlands
27 June 2016, 10:36:19

I like the design of the new website but it was easier to navigate on the old one.
Fan Club: Perhaps the page under the "Sitemap" button might work better for you.

Agneta - Sweden
26 June 2016, 17:40:38

Hoi Helga and Anita,congratulations with your new website.It looks marvelous.
Chris van Dijk - Nederland
25 June 2016, 17:59:02

Dear Anita and Helga
Fabulous new website - congratulations.
I look forward to many visits to the site.

Greg McDonald - Bahrain
25 June 2016, 07:43:24

Congratulations on your new website: It looks great! A big
thumbs up for Reinaud! Have a good weekend, Onno.

Onno Conde Nieto - Nederland
25 June 2016, 07:14:49

Thank you Anita and Helga for an unforgettable Saturday at ABBA The Museum in Stockholm 23rd of fabulous April 2016!
Many of us cried when Benny called you up on that stage!

Anders Sävbark - Sweden
24 April 2016, 10:47:03

I received the new ABBA Fan club magazine this morning. Thank you Helga and Anita and everyone at the fan club for another wonderful magizne. The postcard that came with it is so beauitful. I wish Helga, Anita,everyone at the fan club and all ABBA fans around the world a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New.
Carissa Higham - Australia
22 December 2015, 05:39:19

2 days ago I received my Frida limited box through the fanclub. Thanks for the good care and shipment.
chris - nederland
29 October 2015, 14:55:47

I am one of the few lucky people that got the Limited Edition Box by Frida, only 2000 copies are made!
Because the fanclub was able to get some and after writing an email that I would love to have a copy I received an email with a link where I could order mine!
Thank you so much, another reason to be a member of this fantastic fanclub!

Henk Bosma - Netherlands
29 October 2015, 08:57:38

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