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Thx, for sending my order. In perfect condition. Great job and all the best....
Ralf - Germany
10 November 2017, 16:51:54

Vielen dank für die schnelle Lieferung meiner gekauften Artikel,es war meine erste Bestellung aber mit Sicherheit nicht die letzte. Ich finde es sehr schön in eurem Fanclub Mitglied zu sein.Lliebe Grüsse aus Deutschland
Helmut Hickl - Deutschland
3 November 2017, 19:25:09

Thank you again for sending my order of Piano so I received it
on the release date! I’m looking forward to the next ABBA
fanclub day! Big hug to you all. Onno.

Onno Conde Nieto - The Netherlands
11 October 2017, 13:27:00

Gisteren de zes coloured vinyl albums ontvangen, via de fanclub shop .
en weer bedankt voor de extra service Helga.

chris - Nederland
3 August 2017, 13:17:22

thank you so much for keeping abba alive in our
hearts we rarely go without watching videos on
Uribe we are excited to become members of the fan
club thanks again m&g

m&g rand - United states
13 February 2017, 22:59:37

Hello Helga & Anita, all fans and people at AbbaFanClub!
You have done a great job on this site! I am very pleased with
your good service, hospitality and kindness! Its so nice get to
know you!

Mikael Nielsen - Sweden
24 January 2017, 13:20:50

Just come home after watching the Broadway stage show of
Mamma Mia in Calgary, a bit different from the London show in
1999, but a fantastic show. The audience loved it, and were
dancing in the aisles!

Caroline Williston - Canada
7 November 2016, 03:52:02

Hi, I am Abba Crazy, I have just attended my 206th Abba tribute band show. I travel all over Australia just to for-fill my love and Passion for Abba. One of the Abba tribute Bands in Victoria Australia, l have seen 121 times. I have Abba tattoo's on my arms and leg. I have my own little Abba room. I love Abba so much. I love being a member of the International Abba fan club. Abba rules my world.
Patricia England - AU
1 November 2016, 11:44:57

Great website and easy to manage, well done and thank you for
keeping the Fan Club going.

Anna Scerri - Malta
22 October 2016, 15:21:12

This site is amazing. ABBA is the greatest band of all time. They inspire me so much. I love all 4 beautiful members. Benny is my big time role model.
shane - USA
22 September 2016, 20:25:39

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