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I will joun the fanclub day on April 10th!!!!!!!!!!! It will be a very special day. I't's always a very special day.
Amy Pikaar - the Netherlands
28 October 2009, 17:23:54

I am only 13 but when I am older I am so going to join something like this as Agnetha faltskog, Benny andersson, Björn Alvaeus and Anni-Frid lyngstad are a group of people who I have completely fell in love with. They are fantastic and so is this fan club i know later in life i'll join. :)
Harry - United Kingdom
26 October 2009, 09:05:23

Thanks so much for the great seats to see "Kristina" both nights at Carnegie Hall. This musical masterpiece is the pinnacle of Benny and Bjorn's career.
The experience was made so much better when I was lucky enough to run into both B & B separately before the concerts. On both Wed. and Thurs. I was allowed into the auditorium early to be seated because of my handicap. I was alone there until both B & B came in at different times. They saw me, came down and visited with me for several minutes, even signing many items I had brought along just in case I saw them. My daughter came with me on Thurs. and was there to take photos of me with both B & B. Can't believe they would spend so much time with me. They really liked the large tattoo I had of them on my arm. At the ASI reception later, many of the cast, including Helen Sjoholm, wanted to see the tattoo as well. How fun that was!

Jamie Bodyfelt - U.S.A.
29 September 2009, 21:23:56

Hi Helga and Anita!
Firstly, HUGE congratulations on the 100th issue. It is a really great magazine and looks superb. I got a real surprise when it came in such a BIG envelope! Jam-packed with fascinating stories, as usual.
I see from the current magazine that you have successfully landed the superb knowledge and skills of Ian Cole as your Australian representative. Well done!
I do not know Ian personally, but he is a good friend of ABBA: Let The Music Speak author Chris Patrick’s and I know Ian is a walking, talking encyclopaedia of ABBA. So you couldn’t have found a better Aussie rep! He will do Australia proud!
Anyway, happy 100th - and keep up the good (and hard) work!

Stephen Cook - Australia
27 September 2009, 03:37:13

To Helga, Anita and everyone at the fan club. I think the club and this website are just wonderful. You all do a fantastic job. Keep up the great work. It's very much appriciated. And I think ABBA is the best band ever.
Carissa Higham - Australia.
21 September 2009, 01:54:07

Thanks again for the fabulous tickets for the Dutch Mamma Mia! premiere. I had great seats and for free! What a great service.
I enjoyed the performance tremendously and a gala premiere with a lot of famous people attending adds a special atmosphere. It was a night to remember.

Michel - The Netherlands
20 September 2009, 14:42:02

I attendand the premiere of the dutch mm last monday evening thanks to the fanclub who offers some tickets. It was a great evening. It was nice to meet some fans and to talk with Helga and Anita again. Thanks for this great evening. I hope there will be a single version of the kylie and benny single When all is said and done. It was a great performance!
Amy Pikaar - the Netherlands
19 September 2009, 08:28:09

I want to thank and applaud you for the hard work you put into this website that makes it so enjoyable. I will be posting more comments after seeing Kristina at Carnegie Hall on the 23rd.
Carine Khouri McConekey - USA
19 September 2009, 02:17:01

Dear Helga, Your recent magazine was absolutely fabulous.
Keep up the good work!

Claudia Brinck - Germany
19 September 2009, 01:59:23

Thank you so much of this interest and respect this forum
Because I love ABBA very much and wish them longevity, health and happiness
However, I suggest that you do a weekly program in which you explain for each song and how they were written and how it made her words and music and where you sang ABBA
And Wu and etc.
After all this very cool site
With all my love

(fan club: we do have this kind of thing in our magazine)

zaki - yemen
18 September 2009, 23:39:51

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