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Received my membership card in today’s mail (09/13/21)
which happens to be my 70th birthday! I’ve been an ABBA fan
since their inception. Loved all the music and Dancing Queen
my favorite. I have collected nearly every CD and some vinyls.
My collection includes English, Swedish, and Spanish
language. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around their
comeback. Cannot wait for the Voyage to come to the USA.
Looking forward to my pre-ordered cd and fan club magazine.

Bob Cook - United States
17 September 2021, 05:29:16

I’ve just received my Membership Card today and I’m thrilled
to be a member. I’ve been an ABBA fan for over forty years
and I’ve only just found this Fan Club!! I must’ve been
or on another planet!! To say I’m delighted is the
understatement or the century!!! Thank you so much for
enrolling me and sending my card so quickly. I’m really
looking forward to the Magazine and being a member. I’d love
to hear from other members. Thank you for running this Fan
Warmest wishes

Kassandra Britton - Unified Kingdon
13 September 2021, 14:02:54

Yesterday I received my ABBA fanclub
membershipcard, thank you. I'm looking forward to
the magazine.

Jeanne van Grunsven - Nederland
12 September 2021, 12:34:25

Dear Helga

Thank you very much for my Super Trouper package which
arrived today! Your service is impeccable.
Kind regards and take care

Bede Stevens - NZ
2 September 2021, 06:16:55

Thank you for taking me among yourself and thank you also for
allowing me to belong to a very large group of people who,
like me, love ABBA. I love the creation of the ABBA group
and I love them as personalities, but also as people with
their story. I am happy that they share their success story
with us. I was not as loyal to any group as I was to ABBA.
me since childhood. And today I am a member of the ABBA Fan
Club. It's amazing. I wish the members of the ABBA group all
the best
and good health. And one more "THANK
YOU" is for the amazing new music.

Eva Lucáková - Slovakia
30 August 2021, 03:23:13

Hi all,
I got my “official international ABBA fan club”, thank very

Stewart Ramsay - United Kingdom
2 July 2021, 14:37:09

Just going through some old stuff and found out that I have an
anniversary as well: member for 30 years. March 1991 was my
first issue!
Love the work you do! I have great respect for that!

Kees Paalvast - Nederland
20 May 2021, 19:08:32

Thanks again all @ ABBA fanclub for a great
magazine # 146. Congratulations on the 35th.
anniversary!! Grattis!!! Big HUG !! Kram XXX

Mike Aarts - Nederland
7 March 2021, 13:35:45

Great experience being part of the community that represents
one of my great loves: ABBA. Thanks to all of those who make
ABBA Fan Club possible. A sincere hug from southern Mexico.

Alejandrina Lastra - México
8 January 2021, 13:57:04

Dear all! I love being part of this club! I hope I'll get the
chance to mmeet you at an ABBA weekend at some point. Take care
and stay safe! Love,

Nina Johansson - Sweden
7 January 2021, 21:23:27

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