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Hi, everyone!! I'm 25 and I'm an ABBA fan since 5 years ago. Since I was a little kid, I've been listening to their music, but thanks to a great friend of mine, now I ADORE THEM. They're great!!!! I'd love to be a member of the fan club.
Richard Laguna - Venezuela
10 January 2010, 14:19:13

Hej everybody,
Your site is so good for everything and very interesting about the latest news about the 4 Abba-members.
I never want to miss the fanclubday every year!
Thanks for this great job here!
To all of you a great New Year full of Abba and nice moments!
Starting with the opening of the Abba-museum in London!
Hope to meet you there!

Sandra Vanoost - Belgium
4 January 2010, 19:45:12

Dear Anita, dear Helga, I´m a member of your Fanclub since many years. For the first time my husband and me will visit the ABBA party on 10th April 2010. We are very happy to meet you. Your magazin is fantastic. With best wishes yours,
Dagmar Lange - Germany
2 January 2010, 18:55:31

Hi,all ABBA fans in all world and ABBA. Firstly sorry for my english. I want to wish happy new years all ABBA fans in all world,and of course Agnetha,Frida,Bjorn and Benny.ABBA you are the BEST 4EVER.
Vaida - Lithuania
30 December 2009, 18:36:39

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Helga Anita and everyone at the fan club and all ABBA fans everywhere.
Carissa Higham - Australia
21 December 2009, 01:22:28

I wish Helga, Anita, Roeland, Reinaud, the representatives, the members of this club, görel and her team and ofcourse Agnetha, Benny, Björn and Frida a merry christmas and a Happy new year.
A hug from me for you all and your familys

Amy Pikaar - the Netherlands
20 December 2009, 09:23:45

Thanks for all your help with my international purchase order. Your help made the transaction go smoothly. the BAO Songbook arrived in great condition.
Thanks again,

Robert Bilenchi - USA
14 December 2009, 04:34:50

Hi, I saw ABBA - The Show last night in bournouth, i absoluty loved it, i think the original abba would too. Keep on proformin u rock my socks off!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS! EMILY, 11
emily fincher - united kingdom
12 December 2009, 09:26:26

Finally we know the date that ABBAworld opens. A very special date for me, it's my birthday! Thanks for this wonderful pressent. I'm looking forward through the ABBAworld magazine with more information!!
Amy Pikaar - the Netherlands
30 November 2009, 08:44:13

Alway's a great pleasure to order something at the fanclub shop. My order of the DVD ABBA in Japan was here very fast!
The magazine is very enyoable to read and to keep for the future. Alway's nice and special photo's and interesting facts.
Keep up the good work!

Richard de Groot - The Netherlands
13 November 2009, 10:31:27

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