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Hi all, on the 12th of june 2010 on the hague pride the Dutch Dynamo's from Mamma Mia! will perform in the centre of the city. For more info look at - see you in The Hague
roland - netherlands
22 May 2010, 14:48:05

Thank you so much to Anita, Helga, Ursula and all at the ABBA fan club for so many wonderful events in April; a fantastic ABBD Day (my first), the Dutch production of Mamma Mia the following day, the meet and greet with Kevin Odekirk on the afternoon of Kristina and the most fantastic seat for Kristina at the Albert Hall in the centre front row next to Anita. I loved Kristina in New York last September but I don't think anything will ever compare to the most amazing moving musical experience I had at the Albert Hall on 14 April 2010.
Thank you so much for evything you do.

Tony Allen - UK
13 May 2010, 13:36:30

Thank you so much for having CDs and DVDs available.
I just purchased Story Of A Heart by Benny Andersson
and Djupa Andetag by Frida and an Orsa Spelman CD in
the past month. I would love to have a way to
connect with someone in Sweden for exchanges as well
as iTunes does not have a way for me to purchase
Swedish music through the Swedish iTunes store. Why
do advances in technology make things more difficult
rather than simpler, anyway?

Terry Olson - USA
12 May 2010, 03:04:41

You guys are the best ever! When I hear this music, I lose control of bodily functions.


Ray "ABBA FAN 1" Cross - ABBALand!
11 May 2010, 17:00:31

I am ABBA-fan for all my life....
klavdia - russia
8 May 2010, 16:04:21

music to me is ABBA i am actually OBSESSED !! god bless every artist on and backstage .....
Dr.sumeet - india
7 May 2010, 23:16:23

I think Abba music is beautiful to listen and it makes me happy!
heli-lumi kontkanen - finland
7 May 2010, 14:14:37

When I watch ABBA, and I see young, I realize that time passes, but in our minds, they will be so forever.
Valdir - Brazil
6 May 2010, 16:14:24

I just renew my membership!!I am an ABBA fan since 1976,I was a high school student working part time in a pharmacy.There I heard ABBA music all the time,LOVED IT!!I admire a lot their talent,their beautiful voices!!My favorite songs:One man,one woman,The winner takes it all,When all is said and done.Thanks for your work.With love,
2 May 2010, 20:32:48

Just a quick email to thankyou all for the ACE seats at
> Kristina you probably dont get a lot of well deserved praise but
> heres mine A1

Graeme Quinn - United Kingdom
26 April 2010, 16:49:19

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