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The new magazine looks great. I've been happy to hear so many people have enjoyed the articles about ABBAWORLD in Australia and the Australian ABBA Merchandise.
Ian Cole - Australia
30 September 2010, 21:13:30

Just rejoined the Fan Club. I like many others have been following ABBA since the early 70s, and I am now in my late forties. It's amazing to me how the songs stand up to time; I won't play them for a number of years, then suddenly they are brand new again and each time I'll have a new favourite. I can't say I feel the same about any other band in history. If anyone remembers me from the ABBA tours in the 70s, movie premieres, musical premieres and musical shows at the Barbican, Royal Albert Hall, Carnegy Hall, etc., get in touch. It will be good to catch up after all these years. BTW, we all went to Sweden two years running, once for the 1979/80 tour and then a year later for skiing. Did anyone go on those trips?
Robert Hughes - usa
28 September 2010, 15:19:58

I did get the new magazine yesterday,and I really liked everything in it.
So nice picture of Agnetha and Benny on the cover,so nice idea.And rare too,that is not happening every year!!!The poster is so beautiful!!!
I really like the new look of the abba shop also!!!
Iam proud to be a member of this fanclub.Greetings to all abba members of this fanclub.Thanks Helga and Anita!!!

marina högström - finland
14 September 2010, 13:37:57

Hi again,
as many of you know by now that I am collecting everything about ABBA but especially posters I am very happy again for the new issue of the fanclub magazine with another wonderful rare shot as a poster :)
Heaven would be if the poster or the whole magazine could be in larger size....
Thank you all for your work on the new magazine, it is very interesting to read.

FRANK - Germany
14 September 2010, 11:05:02

Hi Helga. I just wanted to say I love the new look fan club shop on your website. It looks fantastic. Well done.
Carissa Higham - Australia
13 September 2010, 00:52:15

Love your site and keep up with good work.
michele arnold - USA...New York
7 September 2010, 22:12:10

We have been big ABBA fans since were were in our teens, and we go to the ABBA Day every year. We always love it because it is great to meet so many fans, and we are already looking forward to next year. Greetings to the ABBA team and see you soon.
Ralf and Kerstin - Germany
20 August 2010, 20:20:53

Hello! I am 10 years old and think ABBA is the best. I love their songs. I have ABBA singstar and sing a lot. I also have 4 ABBA CD's.
moa tallgren - finland
18 August 2010, 15:37:42

I am a huge ABBA fan!I never get tired of watching Mamma Mia just because of the songs.Each of their songs are an inspiration to me.The winner takes it all is my all time favourite.
16 August 2010, 13:43:21

Thank you! Your music is an inspiration to us all, and ABBA is an inspiration to mankind!

Thank you!

Greg - Australia
14 August 2010, 09:46:16

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