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Hallo staff of the ABBA fan Club.I was very surprised and happy with the Christmas gift you sent this year.I wanted to bid at the auction on an article with the four signatures.But the bidding went sky high so I stopped.But now I have a very rare 4 tracks cd with also 4 no usual songs.So Anita , Helga and the rest of the staff Thanks again for all the work you do for the true loyal ABBA fans.And of course also thanks to our Fab four (from Sweden)for their cooperation to sign the cd.
Chris van Dijk - Holland
4 December 2010, 19:52:47

WILL ...

Aytaç Çevik - Turkey
4 December 2010, 16:37:51

From a long-time member; many thanks for a wonderful magazine and the very special gift that came with it, the 25th Anniversary 'signed' 4-track ABBA cd! No doubt this will become a collector's item soon. Next time perhaps you can persuade Björn and Benny to donate a so far unreleased track? :)))
Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary! with a lot of respect for all the work you have done for ABBA and their fans, hope to see you in April,

Gerard Hesen - Netherlands
3 December 2010, 21:29:27

I know I'am a bit late but I just want to say happy birthday to Frida for the 15th. Frida I hope you had a wonderful day. And I think ABBA is the best group ever. I've been a fan all my life.
Carissa Higham - Australia.
22 November 2010, 01:53:21

Hi Frida, Happy birthday!!
I like to think I am your biggest fan in western canada. Once again I would like to join your many other fans at this time of year in wishing you the very best on your birthday and the best of the christmas season.
To celebrate, I shall drink a toast to you and listen to your original vinyl recordings from my collection. And yes, your first album (Frida) is still my favorite.
If the powers above and the music gods were to grant me only one wish before I pass from this world, it would be to meet with you over a glass of fine wine.

Jack Bradcoe - Canada
15 November 2010, 03:58:14

ABBA was the best as far as I'm concerned....I'm 59 and I enjoy seeing their songs on you-tube....I doubt if we'll ever see another group like this....I wish them all the best.
Larry Shepard - USA
4 November 2010, 16:36:51

My Danish partner and myself both loved ABBA and this is accentuated having lost her to cancer a few months ago. I always felt a kinship with Anni-Frid having also lost a wife and daughter - but the bond is even stronger due to the fact that the last trip my partner and I did together was to stay with friends who had bought Anni-Frid's beautiful home in Switzerland. Walking around the house and grounds in last winter's snow with her could not be described in terms of emotion. Eternal memories are made of this ...
Mark Hardy - UK
3 November 2010, 13:44:30

I have been meaning to join the fan club for so long now!! Then when I saw you accepted paypal and I knew I had funds in that account I thought right, just do it lol. It also seemed cheap wanting to attend the fan clubs 2011 ABBA weekend to cath up with friends without being a member and as I met Anita at Kristina in London back in January that was as good as incentive as anything!
S x

stuart kerry - united kingdom
22 October 2010, 15:03:44

This is in addition to my very brief & quick comments prior.
I recently joined the fan club & was so excited to receive the magazine and see the focus on Australia. I went to ABBA World in Melbourne and had such a great time, and relived my childhood, of wich I have such fond & great memories, as ABBA was a great part of it.
I also ordered some items from the club shop which included the ABBA scrap book & calendar with stickers. I had a chance to read the scrap book & found it so full of facts & a lot of pictures that I had never seen before. I highly recommend the ABBA scrap book, even though it will never replace my lost childhood book of ABBA clips that I had collected. Also, loved the fact that the calendar had ABBA stickers, which I never had before.
Thank you so much to all those who work at the ABBA fan club, and allow us to purchase some items that allow us to relive our childhood!

Maria Pappas - Australia
21 October 2010, 22:44:55

I just would like to share this with all other ABBA fans. After three days I am still shaking! Last Friday evening I was in Copenhagen to join the opening night of Mamma Mia! in Tivoli. We knew that most probably Björn would attend. When we were just sitting in the theatre (nice places on the second row) Anita told us that Agnetha was there as well. I could not believe it. Should I really see my idol from the seventees in real person? At the end of the show Björn came on stage with...............Agnetha, arm in arm, both shining and smiling. A few seconds later I noticed that the tears were running over my cheeks. I will never forget this moment anymore. The few photos and the small film I made are such a dear memory to an unforgettable evening! Thanks Helga and Anita for making it possible for the ABBA fanclub members to purchase tickets and for all the great and hard work you do for the fanclub. Know that it is very much appreciated!
Karin - The Netherlands
18 October 2010, 14:52:00

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