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i love everything about abba.the music is an
insperation,every time i get deppresed,there music
is great therepy

susannah dyro - usa
4 April 2011, 00:09:31

totally happy back from another MASSIVE and GREAT and PHANTASTIC ABBA weekend,
Helga and Anita, my deepest love goes to you as you made a die hard fan so happy again with all you did for me at the ABBA weekend !
Everything was perfect,friday, saturday and sunday,
THANK YOU so much again for all your hard work.
Anita, you were soooo charming at the entrance of the cinema on sunday, you talked to each fan and never stopped being so warm and frienly,that was so nice and warmed my heart !
Helga,same goes for you,you seem to be a little more shy than Anita is but when I talk to you you start to open yourself so fast and I really really love your personality, at least the little I know from you.And extra THANK YOU for giving me another BUBI poster for free,you are my hero !
Big hug from here

Frank - Germany
3 April 2011, 23:49:22

Hello Helga & Anita,
First of all thanks for the signed cd of Agnetha,wich I won with the quiz.Also many thanks
for the 3 lovely full packed ABBA days.Friday was super with good food,and nice performances by Katja and Camila.Saturday was awesome,the guests were super(Gorel,Bubi,Janne and Ulf.
And on Sunday ABBA the movie in the cinema.
It's allways nice to see ABBA on the big screen.
Our son only had as a minor complain the fact that there were no dutch subtitles,but I told him that the storyline isn't that hard to follow.
It is realy unbelievabel how many hours the both of you and of course the rest of the crew spend on arranging everything.Please keep up the good work you do.ABBA appreciate the work you ,and we fans do that even more.Thanks again,and see you all again next year.So,can't wait for April 2012 to arrive, for the 26th anniversarry of the fanclub.

Chris van Dijk - Nederland
3 April 2011, 22:56:40

Anita & Helga
Thank you for the great Abbaday. For the first time I did stay for the disco and it was great. I had a lot of fun. Also a big thanks for the wonderful guests. I had the time of my life. See you next year.

Ronnie Wielockx - Belgium
3 April 2011, 15:50:23

Congratulations to the fan club for its 25th anniversary. Have fun this weekend. So sorry I couldn't be there to celebrate with you all.
Ian Cole - Australia
1 April 2011, 22:48:21

I received the new ABBA magazine and I loved reading every bit of it. And I love the poster of Agnetha. Thank you again for another wonderful magazine.
Carissa Higham - Australia
10 March 2011, 03:58:20

Hi, I wanted to say thank you for the new AGNETHA POSTER in the latest magazine ! It is to die for !
I love her so much !
And the article about the ABBA phenomenon in Australia (rise and fall) was one of the most interesting sights I have read for a long time !
I really didn't know the details.
See you soon in Roo ! Only 4 weeks to go !!!!!

Frank - Germany
27 February 2011, 14:05:09

When you see the cover on the latest magazine,you really become in a good mood,Benny looks so satisfied with one of the magazines. Then when you start to read the magazine you become even more happier...It is so wonderful to be in this great Abba atmosphere.
Enjoy the reading!!Greetings to all fans around the world.

Marina - Finland
26 February 2011, 16:14:52

I used to be a member of the fanclub from 1998 till 2002 and ordered ABBA items from Helga and then I took a break for a couple of years. Finally here I am again, with the Fanclub and the Shop. Like in the past, Helga is always very friendly and helpful. She always tries her best to help out ABBA fans and I enormously appreciate that. I can sum up the service that Helga provides in 3 words: Quick, Efficient and Professional. My dream is to attend the ANNUAL FAN DAY in Roosendaal and visit Stockholm. Last time, in 2006, I missed that chance when I was studying in Brussels, but it did not coincide with the ABBA DAY in April.
The magazine of the Fanclub is getting much, much better than the period I used to be a member (1998-2002) and the website is so detailed and friendly to browse.
Thank the ABBA Fan club and the Shop for Excellent Service!

Dang Quoc Chi - Vietnam
23 February 2011, 06:23:59

I love ABBA forever.
Ivonne - Costa Rica
23 February 2011, 06:04:36

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