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I bought the new BAO cd O KLANG OCH JUBELTID and I got a chance to play it on Saturday. And I just want to say what a beautiful album it is. I only have two BAO cds so far this one and Story Of A Heart. But I'am going to try and buy all the BAO albums. I just love them.
Carissa Higham - Australia
6 September 2011, 04:08:38

Hi ABBA fans everywhere. I have been a big ABBA fan since day 1. Even today i just can"t get enough of their music. I just love each member of ABBA. This band really rocked then & now. To me there will never be a band quiet as accomplished as ABBA and their music all over the world. I would just like to say, that i would give anything that i have ever owned or will ever own to see this fantastic group get back together for 1 last fling at stardom before i die. Keep the music alive & keep reaching for the stars. Love
Bill & Sandy Jackson - United States
26 August 2011, 03:59:50

Hello ABBA- and BAO-fans,
Do you also love the new BAO-cd so much as I do? And I love to see BAO on youtube with their beautiful new songs and, to my surprice, BAO also sang some old fantastic ABBA-songs.
Kram to all the fans and to Helga and Anita!

Annet Dijksterhuis - The Netherlands
7 August 2011, 19:24:59

Hi All ABBA Fans
Im a big ABBA fan since the begining, when i got married in 2005, i walked down the isle to I DO, I DO, I DO, I DO, I DO and the hotel that they stayed in when they done a concert in Glasgow also were Super Trouper was wrote in, i had my wedding reception in it.
I and desparate to see the ABBA exhibition, so hoping it come Sweden cause i fancy a nice wee weekend in Stockholm.
Kind Regards all ABBA fans :) xxx

mary donnelly - glasgow, scotland
6 August 2011, 01:06:59

I just became a member of the ABBA fanclub. Hope to see you all on ABBA day in 2012 :-))
Steve Sterck - België
29 June 2011, 23:06:58

hello all ABBA fans all over the world..
I would like to wish everybody a very nice summer 2011.....
am going to see Mamma Mia in dublin in october...again......great show...and the music is not too bad.......ok, the music is brilliant....

gerard hayes - ireland
3 June 2011, 17:14:14

Happy Birthday Bjorn. Have a lovely day.
Carissa Higham - Australia
25 April 2011, 04:51:32

I want to say I'm a huge fan of ABBA. And I will most likely become a member of the fan club with in the next few weeks.
Benny Moore II - U.S.A.
21 April 2011, 02:45:40

Congratulations for this site! Hugs
Milton - Brasil
18 April 2011, 00:30:27

I once bought a cassette tape of a musical group
with a strange name: ABBA. It's an American band, I
thought. I put it to listen in my car while
traveling as a salesman. So that conquered me duet
feminine when I heard it. Those two wonderful
voices followed me for hundreds of miles. I did not
know their names, I did not know that Agnetha and
Frida existed and yet I loved them. When I met
ABBA, Frida won me over by her voice, talent and
devastating smile. In addition Frida has a
fantastic personal story of fights and victories.
The Frida fan,

Levi Fernandes - Brazil
14 April 2011, 22:59:02

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