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This year (2012),marks 40yrs since the best musical group of all time (the Abba) came to be &it is 30yrs since it ceased to be but the group is still very much alive in our minds &of course Abba music will outlive both the Abba members & the fans-this is partly due to the relentless work of Helga,Anita &company; No amount of words can express our gratitude to these wonderful ladies&gentlemen.
I want to use this opportunity to wish Agnetha a very happy 62nd birthday & Easter holiday.
A very terrific Abba Weekend to the members who will make it to Roosendaal come 20th April (unfortunately I will not).

Paul Luwalira - Uganda
6 April 2012, 22:03:04

Great site you have,keep up the excellent work.HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGNETHA many birthday wishes.ABBA Still Rocks 2012
5 April 2012, 10:33:19

Thank you for the very prompt delivery of my order. You are very efficient. I highly recommend your shop. The latest edition of the magazine is as usual superb. Keep up the great work.
John Barry - Ireland
29 March 2012, 13:50:42

Hi, thank you for the latest fanclub magazine !
The poster from MUSIKLADEN 1976 really blew me away ! This is the essence and magic of ABBA ! See you soon in Roo :) Love,

Frank - Germany
27 March 2012, 17:10:12

Hello Helga and Anita!!!
I have yet again had the wonderfull pleassure of doing shopping at the ABBA Fan Club Shop.... and to quote a BB-song - you're "Second Best To None". The items are always carefully wrapped and it's easy to shop with the PayPal-system - almost too easy - one ends up shopping too much! :-)
Then it's so nice with the little surprises within the package - a "thank you"-photo from the fan club with some of our dear four pictured!
I'm of course just looking forward to my next shopping here .... :-)
Thank you Helga and Anita!

Gunnar Moe - Norway
20 February 2012, 22:47:32

Hi dear ABBA! I'm 5 and i live in Russia, the city of Murmansk. I'm your fan. When me and my Dad ride our car, we always listen to your songs. My most favourite songs are: Super Trouper, Money Money, Dancing Queen and Mamma Mia. I want to thank you very much for the songs. I like your songs a lot, I'd like to wish you happiness.
Masha Vidineeva - Russia
18 February 2012, 18:33:34

Hi everyone in the entire Abbaworld! I have loved Abba since they took to the stage in 1972 and they are really and truly the best that has ever happened to the world of music! Their songs are all masterpieces which are timeless and keep us going! So Helga and Anita thanks for all the lovely work you have been doing over the past 25 years! Keep up the good job!
Herbert Kübart - Deutschland
28 January 2012, 13:22:53

I was born in 1971-around the time Abba as a group came in to existence& I came to know of the Abba in 1986 when the group was no more but I have turned out to be one of the greatest fans of the Abba ever.Helga&others who have gone through thin&thick to keep the fire burning must be saluted.I have just come to learn of the existeonce of the fans club & I have always dreamed of belonging to a club associated with the best musical group ever."I HAVE DREAM"of saying "THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC"one day to Agentha,Benny,Bjorn & Frida face to face.Abba music keeps me going & to me Abba is more than a musical group but a belief.
Luwalira Paul - Uganda
21 January 2012, 13:06:43

Long time fan... have music on records, tapes, 8 tracks, CDs and now MP3. I enjoyed Mamma Mia! the Musical when it came to Sioux Falls. I also had fun watching "Bjorn Again" at the Corn Palace (the closest I'll ever see to an ABBA concert). The love for this music cannot be described! The amazing music and the awesome vocals are truly gold!
Thanks for the Fan Club and site to share these memories!

R. Hookie - USA (Sioux Falls, SD)
9 January 2012, 07:47:40

As time goes by songs remind us all of moments in time, thank you abba for the golded moments.
L Wilson - England
9 January 2012, 05:29:08

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