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Thanks again for the new magazine, especially the photos taken at the Bernadotte Art Awards celebration are very good!
Thomas Zamath - Germany
7 September 2012, 17:20:56

Helga!! Your photo with Agnetha is soooo lovely!!! You lucky lucky girl!! Great photos of a magical night for you ..well done!! ;-)
Terry Malloy - United Kingdom
27 August 2012, 03:52:27

I just received my order today from the fan club. The beauitful ABBA bag The wonderful new 12inch Voulez - Vous single and a few other fantastic ABBA items. I just want to say thank you to Helga and the fan club for the wonderful things you have in your shop. And for the fantastic service.
Carissa Higham - Australia
25 June 2012, 08:37:05

Hi, thank you for the latest fanclub magazine! Wow, the colour poster is to die for- again all 4 of them look absolutely stunning! And how I love the design for the membership card.
The shots from MUSIKLADEN are beyond words.... All in all a superb magazine again,I really treasure this. Love from

Frank - Germany
15 June 2012, 16:02:39

Love the new Agnetha photo's on your website, well done Helga! Can't wait to see more in the september magazine!
Bonny - Nederland
11 June 2012, 21:06:12

Hi there!!!

Thank you for making our weekend sooo special!!! It was great...!!!!
The way old friends do!!!

I Wentink - Netherlands
29 April 2012, 13:13:39

hi, last saturdaynight we were at Moriaan café in Roosendaal, when suddenly the place turned into an ABBA happening. It was great!!! I danced on 'dancing queen' with Frank and loved it.
So Frank: ik you're ever in Antwerp, maybe we can dance again!!!!! big hug

lieve - belgium
26 April 2012, 19:19:24

Just wanted to say that after my third time going to the abba weekend, "Thankyou" to all those that organise such a great event. Also, thankyou to all those fans that make it so special.

You're all great, keep making peoples lives feel a little more like an ABBA song x

Dan - UK
23 April 2012, 21:31:33

Thank you all for another fantastic ABBA fanclub weekend !!!!
For me personally it was the bomb again as I found some very rare collectors stuff on the ABBA market and the disco was soooooooo much fun !!!!
The energy floating through the room with hundreds of other die hard fans is beyond words...
Big hugs to all of those who organized and worked for another weekend full of joy and fun !

Frank - Germany
23 April 2012, 18:05:07

Dear all,
Since 2004 alone and 2006 with my daughter, we had enjoyed all the ABBAdays . Now we would like to congratulate the girls for the fabulous job they make. Thanks a lot for giving it to us .
Special hug for Ursula and Peter.

Gérald & Alexia OPINTCHALOV - France
19 April 2012, 09:47:16

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