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Thank you Fanclub Team !, for Link of the short Clip from
AGNETHA 12.11-13 !

Wolfgang - Germany
13 November 2013, 19:40:25

I like this site, in particular keeping up to date
on ABBA 'news'!

John - England
11 November 2013, 19:34:15

I have enjoyed many years of wonderful Abba music and feel so proud to be part of the Abba Fan Club.
I have visited Stockholm and the museum twice this year,first time was the preview in May with other members of the fan club,and the second time was in August while I was on a cruise.I just want to say "Thank you for the Music"

Anne Thompson - Scotland
7 October 2013, 00:07:25

Thank you for another wonderful fanclub magazine !!
I really love the 1973 cover !! They are so young and so
beautiful here !!
I am happy to read about the 2 new ABBA books coming in the
The poster is also very beautiful.This has been an original
poster in an English magazine in 1977.Never seen again since
Loved the ATLANTIS STUDIO article,I even found myself 2 times in
the pictures (but you need reading glasses to find out).
Love the whole magazine,especially the forum answers and the
articles about the singles releases.
The article from Lulu and BAO was funny and really sweet :)
As the ABBA fans don´t get younger anymore and our eyes begin to
get worse I´d really love to get the magazine in DinA 4 if that
is ever possible... Big hugs from

Frank - Germany
14 September 2013, 17:29:21

I really enjoy listening to Abba. The museum looks wonderful. Next payday I'll join the fan club!
Benny Moore - U.S
12 September 2013, 22:35:43

Hallo Fan Club,the Back Issues from "Agnetha 2000" is very , very nice.
Have a good time...all readers !

Wolfgang - Germany
6 September 2013, 22:35:25

Jason Swan's review of Agnetha's album A is brilliant,
probably the best I've read. He has analysed the songs
intelligently and looked into the history of the album's
contributors. A treat to read, after so many comments on fan
forums complaining about the lyrics that they don't understand,
the release strategy, the text in the CD booklet, etc.

Bravo Jason, and thank you

Ian Cole - Australia
5 July 2013, 16:00:22

Dear Helga,
Thanks very much for the speedy dispatch of the box set of
Agnetha's first five albums.
I am enjoying listening to the recordings very much.
It was a lovely surprise to find an issue of the fanclub
magazine enclosed in my parcel. I have really enjoyed all of
the information and pictures included in the edition. A real
treat! :)
Thanks once again. Kindest regards

Neil McDonnell - England, United Kingdom
30 June 2013, 22:53:39

Dear Helga & Anita, I was just watching the Agnetha BBC
documentary "A" and when "The one who loves you know" was played
I realised how special it was to have been in that same studio as
where Agnetha recorded some of her new songs. So maybe a bit
late, but a very sincere THANK YOU for making this possible for
us fans! It was a once in a lifetime opertunety and we had a
great time!

Bonny - Nederland
21 June 2013, 21:07:25

es ist eine seite von Euch. mein kompliment
cherry - germany
19 June 2013, 21:16:50

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