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Thank you thank you ABBA for everything, I sing
along with you everyday, Voyage is absolutely
fabulous and cant wait to see what happens on your
anniversary - love you all x thank you also for the
team at the Fan Club for running this site

JUNE HOMER - United Kingdom
4 April 2024, 17:08:12

We hebben een geweldige dag gehad zaterdag op de ABBA Fanclubdag.
Het was lekker druk en veel gezien en ook gekocht, je kan
gewoonweg niet voorbij een stand lopen zonder
iets te kopen. Volgend jaar zijn we weer van de partij.

Eelko Rensel - Nederland
25 March 2024, 11:27:53

I would like to thank the fan club team for a
fantastic fan club day. This was what I needed.
Next year I'll stay until the disco! There is
always a nice atmosphere and good guests who have
a lot to say. Of course there was plenty for sale
for collectors or people who are starting to
collect. You have given us a nice souvenir, 50th
anniversary Waterloo Buttons. They are beautiful!
Without ABBA we would never have had these days. I
really can't miss them anymore.

ABBA: Thank you for everything you give me. Not
only the music you have made as a group, but I
also love your solo projects. I can't wait for the
new BAO album and the One More Time album.

Thank you for the music! and Thank you for
remaining ordinary people, keeping your feet on
the ground. Forever I will love you, and The
official international ABBA fan club. I am a very
proud member.

Much love and hugs

Amy Pikaar - the Netherlands
24 March 2024, 13:28:15

Ik heb zo ontzettend zin in 23 maart in de Fanclub van ABBA
in Roosendaal. Ik ben volop aan het sparen voor die dag. Ik
ben er zowel s’ ochtends bij de beurs als s’avonds bij de
discoavond. Mijn zus gaat ook mee. Leuk om bekende
mensen weer te zien. Helga en Anita heel erg graag tot
zaterdag 23 maart 2024 in Roosendaal. wordt super!

Bas - Netherlands
6 February 2024, 20:14:05

I've just voted for my top 10 tracks in your poll -
and that wasn't easy! So many great songs to choose
from, so I've gone with the ones that mean the most
to me. I can't wait to read the results - I hope
some lesser known tracks do well!

Thanks for all that you do, especially in the last
couple of years, the Voyage premiere was
unforgettable, and the fan club is really great!

Sian Williams - United Kingdom
22 October 2023, 23:34:24

I am always happy to receive the fan club magazine.
I can't wait to read it then. Now I was extra
surprised by the article on A+! Thank you for the
hard work of. ABBA fan club team!

I wish everyone a happy autumn. That should work
with A+. I already preordered through the fan club
shop. Can't wait to listen to the album!

Amy Pikaar - the Netherlands
3 September 2023, 09:33:53

I am a new Fan, just joined June 2023. The ABBA music, I go all
the way back to the early 70's being aware of the band and there
music. Just recently become a big fan and I listened to their
songs daily on Pandora. I have also started buying the old LP's
as that is my newest thing, the old albums. Once again, I am so
happy to be a part of this club.

Marty Starnes - United States
25 June 2023, 19:29:39

Had an ABBA-solutely amazing evening at the Voyage first
anniversary ~ We met up with ABBA friends and were lucky to be in
the background of the official anniversary video so we now can
share the lyrics “cause somewhere in the crowd there's you”

Thank you to Freda Benny & Bjorn for joining the fans ~ what an
emotional & incredible experience a dream come true for fans

We send our love to Agnetha

Thank you to everyone XxX

John Heaver - UK
16 June 2023, 22:37:19

Thank you fan club and the voyage team. May 27th has
become an unforgettable day for me thanks to you.
Thank you for making my dream come true. I want to
see Voyage more often! So special that the Voyage
team, Benny, Björn and Frida were there to celebrate
this special day with the fans.

So I'll definitely be back! In my opinion, no ABBA
fan can do without the official international fan

Thank you for the music ABBA. Thanks to you and the
fan club I have a lot of new friends.

Amy Pikaar - the Neterlands
29 May 2023, 18:03:58

Hello Anita and Helga and everyone who helped you. Both
Stockholm's 10th anniversary and the ABBA ARENA's 1st
anniversary will remain unforgettable, thank you from the bottom
of my heart ♥️, you're doing a great job, it was nice to be with so
many fans. Best regards ❤️

Brandt Richard - Switzerland
28 May 2023, 14:26:42

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