Famous ABBA Fans Talk: Terry Uttley (Smokie)

ABBA have always enjoyed a lot of respect and admiration from their musical peers. In our magazine we have interviews with a famous ABBA fan and let him or her explain why they like our fab four so much. These series is conceived in collaboration with Stany Van Wymeersch, who already interviewed several major stars for his book "Let's Talk About ABBA".

Terry Uttley (Smokie)

For her first solo project after ABBA, Wrap Your Arms Around Me, Agnetha was supported by a very famous backing group, the Mike Chapman/Nicky Chinn hit group, Smokie.

Today, in 2015, Smokie celebrates its very own 40th anniversary with a brand new compilation CD and DVD package, Gold, including their hits such as Living Next Door To Alice, Lay Back In The Arms of Someone and Oh Carol. It also seems to be the perfect time to step back and highlight the 'Agnetha episode' of Smokie, with bassist Terry Uttley - the only remaining member of the original line-up.

Terry Uttley