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Visiting the ABBA Weekend - Is it for me?

That's something I've read a few times in forums and various online groups - ABBA fans wondering whether to go or not to go. Besides practical obstacles like distance, illness or a lack of funds, I don't think there are many reasons not to attend an International ABBA Weekend at least once in your lifetime.

Friday night is a great warm-up:

Some of the regular fun things on Saturday are:

"It sounds lovely, but will I fit in and enjoy it? Do you have any tips?"

These are two of the most asked questions when a new ABBA Weekend date has been announced. The group of ABBA fans attending the ABBA Weekend is quite diverse; you can see youngsters as well as pensioners, people from very different walks of life. I think fans from all continents, besides Antarctica, visited the ABBA Weekend this year. You'll notice there are shy people and some loud ones, some are unemployed while others have high profile jobs, and fans with ill health enjoy the day to the best of their capability. We're all there because of our mutual love of ABBA, and so the differences between people aren't important - it's what brings us together that counts. The atmosphere is relaxed, and you can hear many different languages (mostly Dutch, English, German and French).

There are various ways to spend your day:

What I'm trying to say is that it's up to you how to spend your time. Some stay from start to finish and others only for a few hours - it's all good! Of course, many of you just cannot get enough of it all and return to the Friday pub after the disco to party on and on and on.

If you're dreading to go all alone, try to get into contact with other fans before the event. There are quite a few online forums, communities or groups to get to know other fans, and then you can join forces. You could also place an ad in the "I Got Something" section in the magazine if there is still sufficient time.